Sonat believes that achievements can be made only if there are consensus from a strongly solidary group of employees. Together, we are listening, learning and succeeding!
Sonat's Culture
Sonat builds a open-minded culture - in the thinking and in the communication style.
Open-minded thinking is the tenacious journey honing and developing a comprehensive and creative thinking. When you become a member of Sonat Game Studio a.k.a Sonat-er, you are going to be encouraged to studying and improving in a young and healthy working evironment. Not only the improvement in professional job skills, Sonat-ers are able to perfect themselves in many aspects of their lives. Being an Sonat-er, therefore, every contribution can be recognized and valued.
Open-mined communication style is a cultural factor that Sonat Game Studio is putting the effort into nurturing. Sonat-ers are always willing to share and support each other in their careers, their daily lives, in their meals and their sleeps. As a business in the mobile entertainment industry, Sonat understands the crucial role of mental health in each employees' life. For that reason, we attempt all the times to sustain a friendly atmosphere and close relationships between all Sonat-ers in the office, so that everyone can gain the most positive energy in every tasks they get.
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Whether you need customer support, are interested in doing business with us, or have other questions, here’s how to get in touch.
11th Floor - Bamboo Airways Tower - 265 Cau Giay Street - Cau Giay - Ha Noi
+84 911 675 086
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