Our motto: "Understanding all of what we are doing" is always valued in any task at Sonat Game Studio. Especially in Marketing Team, the way members inform and keep up with information on market and customers is the key to Sonat products' success. 

With the desire to extend members' knowledge about game market, Sonat hold a Mobile Game Marketing workshop. This is one of the activities in Orientation Week, which is the time welcoming new members a.k.a "intern dinosaurs". The event also open an opportunity to remind all senior members of practical knowledge and update their personal professional skills.

Before workshop, Marketing leader introduced to new members about Sonat culture and working process.

The workshop took place at our office's event area. With slogan ”Be creative in every Game universe”, Sonat hope that this event would be a movation which wakes up the infinite creativity of members in sub-team Creative personally and all Marketing members generally. The event host is Marketing Leader - Mrs. Hue Anh, who experts at Mobile Game after many working years.
Mrs. Hue Anh - Sonat Marketing Leader hosted the workshop.

The members enthusiastically shared their ideas, asked their questions and exchanged their thought with the host. They could see that Mobile Game was developing faster and faster around the world and having a enormous potential in Vietnam, so the young were having a myriad of chances in this job market.

Members were thoughtfully listening to the host and take notes critical knowledge they valued personally.

After 2 hours, this amazing workshop came to the end. It is sure that Marketing team members would have gained much confidence and motivation to strive for Sonat's development, so bring true values to our business. In addition, more and more remarkable workshop will be hold in the next days. Let's wait for these.

Marketing full team photograph mark a beautiful moment in the workshop
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